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METALSRECYCLING is the new printed and digital bi-monthly magazine specifically targeting the metals recycling industry. 

Over 10,400 Printed Editions Mailed.  Around 6,000 emailed.

METALSRECYCLING concentrates on the scrap commodities processing industry by providing ferrous and nonferrous news and market information, as well as relevant coverage of related businesses such as automotive, electronics and construction and demolition recycling.

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METALS Recycling is the new printed and digital bi-monthly magazine specifically targeting the metals recycling industry.

METALS Recycling is the new printed and digital bi-monthly magazine specifically targeting the metals recycling industry.

METALS Recycling is the new printed and digital bi-monthly magazine specifically targeting the metals recycling industry.

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Each year, it’s estimated that over 80,000,000 metric tons of scrap metals are processed in the U.S.  The industry generates billions annually for the U.S. economy, and recycling initiatives are a key part of efforts to reduce consumption and enhance the preservation of our natural resources.


Superior, WI - Exodus Global announces that Jim Campbell has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations. Jim was a pivotal part in bringing the vision of Exodus to a reality and has continued to play an instrumental role as we have added our additional companies – ShearCore, BladeCore, Connect Work Tools and OilQuick Americas.

“It’s an honor to accept the promotion of Senior Vice President of Operations at Exodus Global,” states Jim. “After 33 years in the hydraulic attachment industry, working for top notch companies like LaBounty®, Genesis®, and currently Exodus, I am thankful for all the friends and mentors I have acquired along the way.”

Jim states, “It is exciting to see the addition of automation that is currently underway at Exodus Global, and I look forward to being a part of it.”

“Jim has spent his career in hydraulic attachments for the scrap, recycling, and demolition industries. Jim lives and breathes manufacturing. This promotion is well deserved.” said Kevin Boreen, CEO. “He is a key member of my management team, and a trusted friend. I cannot imagine a day, nor do I want to, without Jim Campbell at Exodus Global!”

Started in 2008, on the shores of Lake Superior in Superior, WI, Exodus Global and its companies - BladeCore, Connect Work Tools, OilQuick Americas, and ShearCore –manufacturers and distributes products under four divisions for both the domestic and international scrap recycling, demolition, and construction markets. In addition, Exodus Global provides full service, parts and rebuild services.

For more information contact us at 715.395.6060 or visit our website at

Sierra International Machinery Releases Their Docuseries Repurposed

Bakersfield, CA – Sierra International Machinery announces the release of their documentary series

Repurposed. Tune in on Thursdays, starting February 2, as Sierra’s President and Co-Owner, John Sacco,

narrates this multi-episode series to highlight various American metal and paper processors and recyclers

to show how recycled materials are vital to manufacturing and the production of everyday goods.

Repurposed will take viewers behind the scenes to witness how the items utilized on a day-to-day basis

rely on recycled materials facilities, steel mills, foundries, and paper mills.

“Repurposed is a docuseries that tells the story of the importance of the materials recycling industry and

the supply chain of raw materials to steel mills, foundries for aluminum, and paper mills,” says John Sacco.

“Repurposed also tells a story about green manufacturing and how our industry helps keep our

communities clean, how our communities are a better place to live, because the environmental

stewardship of the recycled materials industry. This series is designed to change the narrative and ensure

people understand the negative impact on their daily lives if the recycled material industry ceases to


Sacco is joined by industry experts such as Jay Robinovitz, CEO of Alter Trading; Robin Wiener, ISRI

President; Jim Keefe, Executive Vice President of GIE Media; George Adams, CEO and President of SA

Recycling, plus many more, to explain how vital the recycling industry is to our environment,

infrastructure, and everyday health.

Repurposed, Season 1 Episode 1: “It Takes Grit,” is scheduled for release on Thursday, February 2, and can

be viewed on Sierra International Machinery’s YouTube channel with constant updates on the

Repurposed social media channels.

Season 1 Episode 1: It Takes Grit:




About Sierra:

Sierra International Machinery is a worldwide leader in selling and supporting of processing equipment to

the metal, recycling, and waste industries. As the only recycling equipment manufacturer that owns and

operates a recycling facility, Sierra understands the challenges recycling professionals face. Therefore,

Sierra’s most important responsibility is ensuring its customers have the right equipment to be profitable,

achieved through firsthand experience, proven machines, and innovation. Sierra’s full range of equipment

is built to meet the demands of today’s processing facilities and is backed by the best service and support

in the industry.

BOISBRIAND, QC — PMR Inc., a full-service converter processor specialized in

catalyst evaluation and refining solutions, has extended their operations with a

new facility based in Mirabel, Quebec. PMR purchased and installed brand-new

machinery for foil processing, increasing the proficiency of their refining solutions.

With a commitment to research and development, PMR now processes O2

sensors by assay.

Their new 50,000 square feet facility, located in Mirabel, Quebec, opened this past summer,

kicking off PMR’s next ventures. The processing of foil-type converters has been transferred to

Mirabel, where brand new, cutting-edge machinery allows them to increase their processing

proficiency and continue offering the best refining solutions in the industry.

With a dedication to innovation, PMR now processes Oxygen Sensors by assay, offering precise

analysis returns and tailored payment options for their suppliers. This new avenue allows PMR

to increase the services extended to their current suppliers and expand their clientele as well.

“Mirabel is about continuing the PMR mindset of forward-thinking and forward motion. A

means of evolving and continuing to better ourselves,” said Chrysten Newton, Marketing

Director at PMR. “Creating new opportunities for our people, our industry, and our partners will

ensure not only continued success but also new achievements and victories.”

At the core of PMR’s values is a desire to challenge industry standards, create reliable solutions

for their suppliers, and craft new avenues of innovation. PMR’s new Mirabel facility has

dedicated staff and machinery to research and development in an effort to offer new business

opportunities and create extended services for all their suppliers.

Photos of new facility: Available Here

2023 for PMR Inc. : Focusing efforts on business continuity and market leadership

As the world adapts to alarming climate change and strict environmental regulations,

companies have realized the importance of recycling precious group metals (PGMs). Global

markets have seen the rise in demand of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium, and in tandem, the

surge in acquisition of catalytic converters.

With over a quarter of a century of experience, PMR understands the value in the research &

development of converter processing and has made it their mission to continuously deliver top

of the line service to their suppliers.

Reaching pioneer status this year, PMR has acquired an ISO 17025 certification, making them

the very first catalytic converter processor to reach such accreditation. With a desire to always

be the golden standard in the processing industry, an ISO certification proves that the PMR way

continues to be unparalleled.

Their motto, status quo is not an option, reflects their innovation and transformation of the

processing industry. A decade ago, PMR stopped dealing in cash-only transactions,

strengthening their anti-money laundering protocols and know-your-customer screening. In

their journey to create safe, secure, and accountable business solutions for converter recyclers,

PMR’s decision in 2012 cemented them as the golden standard in the industry.

As the processing industry ushers in 2023, keep an eye on PMR or you might miss another

historical moment.

As Chrysten Newton puts it, “The journey doesn’t end.”

About PMR

With more than a quarter of a century of experience under the belt, PMR stands as a leading

force in catalytic converter processing, empowering recyclers to make the best business

decisions through knowledge sharing and innovative technology. With an aggressive edge that

raises the competitive bar, PMR’s suppliers gain more market share and consistently get access

to the true value for all the converter material.

LinkedIn: PMR Inc. | FB: PMR Inc.


METALSRECYCLING's printed magazine mails to over 10,000 businesses and an entirely duplicated Digital Edition emails to 7,000 more.

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