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Recycled Materials Industry Alumni, Jennifer Betts, to Lead Recycled Media

BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Recycled Media, headquartered in Idaho, continues its journey to reshape the marketing landscape of the recycled materials industry. With a focus on empowering the recycling sector, the company is ushering in a new era by deploying up to date media techniques and strategies to spotlight opportunities and underscore the significance of metal recycling. Through strategic marketing partnerships, Recycled Media is propelling its clients towards a future of success, mirroring the proven methods that have already yielded remarkable results.

Recycled materials industry alumni, Jennifer Betts, to lead Recycled Media Tweet this Betts on site at a Sierra facility.

Betts joins the company as CEO. As an industry veteran herself, Betts brings almost two decades of experience working with ferrous, non-ferrous and ferro-alloy metals including movement via scrap yards, steel mills and trading companies. Prior to joining Recycled Media, Betts was the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Flack Global Metals where she helped launch Flack Metal Bank. Before that, Betts was Vice President of Business Development, Metals, Americas for Argus Media where she broadly enhanced industry knowledge through her impact on reporting, pricing, and online tools for the ferrous and non-ferrous worlds. Prior to her time at Argus, Betts served as Director of Ferrous Marketing for Becker Iron & Metal and as AK Steel's Raw Materials Manager. She got her start in the metals business as a Brokerage Representative for the Nucor Steel subsidiary The David J. Joseph Company, where she traded non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal for numerous U.S. regional and international markets. Betts holds an MBA from Xavier University and a B.A. in Finance from Indiana University.

Recycled Media, founded by Brett Ekart, owner and CEO of United Metals Recycling, has led the industry in podcast production, social media outreach and brand recognition. "Jennifer is a true advocate for the recycling industry but more importantly brings real world experience from multiple angles of the industry into the media and marketing side," said Ekart. "She brings years of insights, leadership and an exceptional networking ability to Recycled Media as we continue to build out this specialized marketing company focused solely on bringing awareness and recognition to the best players in and around the recycled materials industry." Ekart has utilized the power of social media and brand development to grow his own businesses and is now ready to share that knowledge with the world through Recycled Media. With a goal of bringing awareness to an industry often overlooked, the Recycled Media team currently produces over a dozen podcasts a month, as well as custom designed marketing strategies for multiple firms currently operating in the metals recycling industry. Having found success through years of market trials and assessments of their affiliated brands, Recycled Media is excited to bring tried and true strategies to their clients.

About Recycled Media

Founded 2019, Recycled Media isn't merely a marketing company; it's a trailblazer committed to revolutionizing how the recycled materials industry presents itself. Rooted in Idaho, the company's mission is to reinvigorate the perception of businesses who gather, process and generate recycled metals. Simultaneously, fostering an awareness of their critical importance to every city, state and country these facilities are currently operating. By collaborating with clients and capitalizing on state-of-the-art media strategies, Recycled Media aims to synchronize achievements within the industry and elevate them to unprecedented heights.

SOURCE Recycled Media

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