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Excited to announce that Judy Ferraro is writing for METALSRECYCLING.

METALSRECYCLING Magazine is proud to announce that starting with the March/April ISRI Convention issue, Judy Ferraro will also be writing for our magazine. In addition to working for Shapiro Metals, Judy wrote for ISRI's Scrap magazine for over 17 years, and has been very active with ISRI's Young Executives and Women in Recycling groups. Judy Ferraro, an award winning columnist and author of two books with one on the way, has been a writer and mentor in the recycling industry for more than two decades. Her passion is collaborating with young sales and leadership individuals who strive for nurturing and developmental cultures in their businesses. Judy's column will be titled, The C.A.R.T, which will employ Judy’s core values, Care. Assist. Respect. Trust. in every issue.

We couldn't be happier to add her to the editorial team.

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